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This is an excerpt from an interview with Bill Hosokawa, a journalist who spent three years at the Heart Mountain Japanese Relocation Center near Cody, Wyoming. For the complete interview in both audio and transcript form, please go to http://wyoarchives.org.

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WWII Japanese Relocation Center at Heart Mountain

WWII Japanese Relocation Centers in Arizona

This article gives a broader perspective of the relocation program, a map of all the sites, and descriptions of three sites, Poston, Gila River and Leupp in Arizona.

By Russ Sherwin

9 pages.

The Complete Text of Executive Order 9066

This order, signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on February 19, 1942, ordered the U. S. military to set up exclusion zones in which Japanese would not be permitted to enter or reside.

The Complete Text of Executive Order 9102

This order, signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt on March 18, 1942 formed the War Relocation Administration (WRA) which was responsible for setting up Japanese relocation camps.

Poster and Text of Civilian Exclusion Order #5

A photograph and the complete text of the posters that were put up throughout neighborhoods and towns where Japanese people lived, ordering them to report to Civilian Control Stations.

3 pages.

3 pages.

3 pages.

Japanese Relocation during WWII