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This website is dedicated to stories about the old West. Much of it relates to the Sherwin and Huntington families who were early pioneers in the Bighorn Basin and Cody, Wyoming areas from the late 1800s on.

I am the son of Wylie Grant Sherwin whose complete journal you will find here and from which several of the stories are taken.


             Russell F. Sherwin, 2010


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Old Sykes Cabin

Old Frank Sykes: What a character! My dad knew him well and they were good friends despite the age difference. Frank was sixty-something and Dad was a teenager.

But there were some unanswered questions:

· Where was the secret cave he claimed he was going to die in? (He didn’t)

· Why did Frank never talk about his wife and two children?

· And why were there three unmarked graves just across the Wyoming/Montana line from his cabin?

Frank Sykes Cabin, built around 1890, as it looked in 2008.
Photo by Russ Sherwin


Cessna 260


Imagine this: You are on a business flight in a Cessna 206, a four-place, single engine plane. It’s just you and your pilot, George, on board.

Suddenly, George slumps over and becomes unresponsive.

You’ve never piloted a plane in your life.

You realize George is dead.

Now what?


             Read this gripping true story by Wyoming Judge James E. Barrett.

A Cessna 206

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From Wylie Sherwin’s Journal

From an Interview of Judge Barrett by Mark Junge, Wyoming State Historian

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